Your Involvement

As a faith mission, we continue to trust that God will supply our monthly needs through the wider Christian community, who want to help to reach the more isolated and even unreached people of the world with the Gospel message. Should you also feel led by God to assist with this task, you could help us by

 - Praying with us for the salvation of people in these more iosolated communities
 - Making other Christians aware of this mission work
 - Assisting financially to make this work possible in these non-Christian communities


ANGP Mission - Bank accounts:

Swiss Bank Account: UBS 270-802315.01D, ANGP, 8021 Zurich, Switzerland

Swiss Postal Account: ANGP, 80-49767-2, Zurich,Switzerland

German Postal-Bank Account: ANGP, 270502-708, BLZ 60010070, Postbank Stuttgart, Germany

South Africa Bank Account: Standard Bank of South Africa, Pretoria branch, Branch number 01004500, Account number 010002057.

God bless you!

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