Malawi - A cold fear took hold of me!

I grew up in our traditional ways, but our religion did not matter to me. The sacrifices to the forefather spirits and the rituals were not important to me. I also knew about Muslims and Christians, but I was not interested. Then one day I saw a man in the street with a parcel of books, giving them away free of charge. So I also took one from him. I found the book to be interesting, and in fact it was in my language. But I did not expect your book to make such a big change in my life!

Because after I have read and studied the pictures, I realized how far from God I was, and that if I died, I would not be prepared for eternity. A cold fear took hold of me then, and I immediately began to pray to God, confessing my sins as your book says, and asking God to enter my heart. That was like the start of a new life for me. I am filled with a great joy to tell others how God has raised my dead heart to life!

P. Odreck, Ngabu


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