Negros Island, Philippines - Set free from drugs, alcohol and evil things

In school I had a very bad reputation. I drank too much, and I was using drugs and doing bad things. Then one day someone gave me a tract to read, which changed my life! I saw that my life was going the wrong way, and that God loves me, and wants me to have eternal life.

That was when I started to pray to Jesus Christ, and to turn away from drugs and drink and evil. I became a Christian, and after school, I went on to study God's Word and to eventually become a full-time worker for God. These past few years I have been working here on the Negros Island as Pastor of the church here.

But I like to use your Gospel tracts, because often people don't listen to our preaching, but in most cases they do read the tract, and in this way I have seen people's lives changed, just as my own life was changed as a student in school.

Almar Calijan, Philippines


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