Botswana - Better than witchcraft

Because of my illness, I looked for help from our witchdoctors. They gave me two thongs of animal hide to wear around my leg and ankle. They also gave me two bottles of potions which I had to put in my room. I used those fetishes for years, because as soon as I removed the thongs from my leg or ankle, my leg became swollen, and I became more ill again.

So I wore the thongs and kept the potions in my room. But when I read your message, I realized that I was bound by evil chains, and that Jesus Christ could set me free. So I gave my heart to Jesus Christ. I visited a Christian man, who also prayed with me to God. We cut those animal hide thongs, threw away the two bottles of potions, and prayed to God for his protection. Nothing happened to me! Now I'm free of these bad things, I'm well, and I'm only praying now in the name of Jesus Christ.

Namakao Sekume, Botswana


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