South Africa - Witchdoctor orders a ritual murder

When Mr. Shoko read the ANGP Gospel pamphlet which he had received from the distributors Brink and Mahlangu, he was led by this message to accept Jesus Christ as his Lord and Saviour, which changed his life. After that, he always carried that pamphlet with him, since it was of such importance to him.

A week later he accepted a lift in a car, and then noticed with concern that the men in the car were not taking him to his destination, but to an isolated field, and were talking of murdering him to use his body as potions for a local witchdoctor! In spite of his fear, Mr. Shoko spoke to the men, and gave them this same Gospel paper from his pocket. The driver looked at the paper, and read the message for a few tense minutes. Then he put the paper down, reached into his pocket, and turned to face a fearful Mr. Shoko! The driver pulled out of his pocket R 60-00 (South African currency) gave it to Mr. Shoko, and told him to get out of the car and go!

Later Mr. Shoko reported his experience to the two literature distributors, after which all three visited us, and told us what had happened! 
Mr. Brink, Mahlangu and Shoko, South Africa. 

Mr. Brink, Mahlangu and Shoko, South Africa

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