The Kishtwaris for example, on the border between China and Pakistan, still have no part of the Bible, and are seen here receiving the Gospel message in their own mother-tongue.
Schools in third-world countries, where most of the population are under 16 years of age, are an important target for our literature. This literature supplied to them free of charge, is in great demand in many schools, and is often the only literature they have for literacy classes in their own mother-tongue, at the same time of course also bringing them the Gospel message!
An average of 43000 Christian workers are continually involved in the distribution of this free Gospel literature in 114 third-world countries.
Our ANGP literature also reaches the more isolated people on the 7000 islands of the Philippines, with their 160 languages.
They also received the Gospel of Jesus Christ by means of an ANGP booklet in their own mother-tongue. In third-world countries, such literature is hardly ever thrown away! And the result is literally hundreds of letters from such people in these countries to our Mission offices every week.
Critical examination of our literature by the recipients! Whether they are followers of a major world religion, or atheist, animistic, practicing witchcraft, or even criminal etc. - many such lives are thoroughly changed by their salvation in Jesus Christ (see Testimonies).
A break from work, to read the Gospel message.
Our Gospel literature finds its way even to guerrilla fighters.


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